“Cavemen Strong” is non-profit organization made up of Carlsbad Alumni and Citizens of Carlsbad, NM from coast to coast and in-between. We have many members who have donating their time and energy to help us with implementing positive movements each and every year for the Carlsbad community.

Our mission: We have designed scholarship programs K-12, established an emergency relief program to help victims during a crisis, Christmas programs for the less fortunate and honoring outstanding citizens and first responders each year. 

Each year we honor: 

Three (3) K-12 Students who have implemented programs to help us solve problems and issues in Carlsbad with the “Cavemen Strong Outstanding Student” Award and a $500 Scholarship.

Two (2) K-12 Teachers who have shown tremendous dedication to their students and their education with the “Cavemen Strong Teacher of The Year” Award and a $500 Gratitude Award.

Three (3) First Responders from the Carlsbad Police, Eddy County Sheriff and Carlsbad Fire Departments who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, selected by their peers with a $500 Gratitude Award.

One (1) Outstanding citizen nominated by fellow City of Carlsbad citizens with the “Cavemen Strong Man/Woman of The Year” Award and a $500 Graditude Award.

Two (2) “Comeback Kids” one K-12 and one 18-25 year old, who have turned their lives around and are contributing to the improvement of our community with the “Cavemen Strong Comeback Kid” Awards and a $500 Achievement Award.

In addition, we also present four (4) less fortunate families with Christmas Trees, many gifts from their own Christmas Lists, grocery gift cards etc.

These individuals are recognized during our annual Cavemen Strong love for Carlsbad Christmas Event. Among the attendees are the family, friends, peers and co-workers of our Award recipients as well as various City of Carlsbad, Police, Sheriff and Fire Department Officials and other members of the community. The Carlsbad High School Jazz Band and Choir are gracious enough the provide the music and entertainment for our event. Since the beginning we have had the honor of having Mayor Dale Janway supporting our cause and participating in our Awards Ceremony.

Albertsons, Walmart, Angee’s Flowers, McCoy’s, La Tienda Supermarkets & Lowes Home Improvement Stores, are among some of our Sponsors.

For more info please call Skyy at (520) 977-7599 or email at: